Non-Refundable Rate
Prices are valid for a full non-refundable prepayment only.

Price does not include city tax CZK 21 (EUR 0.9) per person / night.

Prices in foreign currency are only informative and approximate. We bill in Czech Koruna (CZK) only.
Available beds in shared rooms - price per bed/stay
Bed in mixed dormitory Plus
EUR 18.37
Bed in female dormitory Plus
EUR 18.37
Bed in mixed dormitory
EUR 9.35
Bed at large mixed dorm
EUR 9.35
Bed in female dormitory
EUR 15.03
Available private rooms with WC/bathroom - price per room/stay
Single room with WC/bathroom
EUR 46.76
Double room with WC/bathroom
EUR 53.44
Twin room with WC/bathroom
EUR 53.44
Triple room with WC/bathroom
EUR 60.12
Room for 4 persons with WC/bathroom
EUR 70.13
Room for 5 persons with WC/bathroom
EUR 80.16
Room for 6 persons with WC/bathroom
EUR 93.52
Available private rooms without WC/bathroom - price per room/stay
Single room without WC/Bathroom
EUR 40.08
Twin room without WC/Bathroom
EUR 46.76
Triple room without WC/Bathroom
EUR 53.44
Room for 4 persons without WC/Bathroom
EUR 60.12
Room for 5 persons without WC/Bathroom
EUR 66.80
Room for 6 persons without WC/Bathroom
EUR 80.16
Room for 7 persons without WC/Bathroom
EUR 93.52
Room for 8 persons without WC/Bathroom
EUR 106.88
Room for 9 persons without WC/Bathroom
EUR 120.23
Room for 10 persons without WC/Bathroom
EUR 133.59