Non-Refundable Rate
Prices are valid for a full non-refundable prepayment only.
Prices in foreign currency are only informative and approximate. We bill in Czech Koruna (CZK) only.
Available beds in shared rooms - price per bed/stay
Bed in mixed dormitory
EUR 10.95
Bed in female dormitory
EUR 10.95
Available private rooms with WC/bathroom - price per room/stay
Single room with WC/bathroom
EUR 47.46
Double room with WC/bathroom
EUR 51.11
Twin room with WC/bathroom
EUR 51.11
Triple room with WC/bathroom
EUR 54.76
Room for 4 persons with WC/bathroom
EUR 65.71
Room for 5 persons with WC/bathroom
EUR 73.01
Room for 6 persons with WC/bathroom
EUR 87.61
Available private rooms without WC/bathroom - price per room/stay
Twin room without WC/Bathroom
EUR 43.80
Triple room without WC/Bathroom
EUR 49.28
Room for 4 persons without WC/Bathroom
EUR 58.41
Room for 5 persons without WC/Bathroom
EUR 65.71
Room for 6 persons without WC/Bathroom
EUR 71.19